Start at the top -  Cleaning The Ceiling

Start at the top - Cleaning The Ceiling

It’s always best to start from the top and in this case, it’s your ceiling.

The poor old roof over our heads is often neglected – only getting a look in when you move in or out of a house.

Take a walk around your home concentrating only on the ceiling – take some mental notes or even pictures of areas that are calling out for a clean.

Then take a deep breath, embrace your challenge and gather your toolkit together.


What you will need for this challenge

  • Feather duster/ broom – or homemade equivalent
  • Clean rages/cloths
  • Soap Cleaning Spray
  • Vinegar Cleaning Spray
  • Organic Liquid Castile Soap


Let’s Start – Remove any Mould

If your ceiling is mould free, then you can pat yourself on the back and skip right over this step. Unfortunately, if you have been hit with some dampness and have a mould situation happening – you really need to tackle this first.



If you have a 2-story house, start upstairs in the top right corner. Work your way clockwise and then do the same downstairs.

Dust any cornices and around the edges of the ceiling. Dust your light fittings and apologise to any spiders for killing their home – but remove any cobwebs tucked in the corner.

Try do this on an angle so your eyes are protected, and you’re not covered in dust!


Clean Light Fittings

We all know some light fittings are a graveyard for insects – so if you have death hanging over your head, it’s time to detox that bad omen.

If you can get away with giving your light fittings a dust and wipe then great, but if they can be removed safely it may be good idea to give them a clean in the sink with hot water and a tiny amount of Castile Soap. Use your Vinegar Spray to give a streak free shine.

Take this opportunity to change any dead light bulbs –To check out how to select the best energy saving globe visit Bunnings guide HERE


Remove Marks

Using a step ladder or a tall person, spray and wipe away any visible marks using your Soap Spray. They usually linger around the manholes, light fittings or where an old decoration was hung.


Freshen Vents/ Filters

If you have any vents in your ceiling, it is time to give them a good clean. Depending on how built up the dust and dirt is, you may get away with a dust, vacuum or wipe down – but in the case of a big build up best to pull out the vent and give it a soap bath!

Make sure the vents are completely dry before you re-install, you don’t want to attract more dust or grow bacteria in the water.

Now is also a great time to change any air filters, after all we are trying to detox your home and the air is what fills it.  Good practice is to write the date on the filter, so you can keep accountable for how often it is changed. For a guide on how often to change your filter – CLICK HERE


Final Inspection

Do a quick inspection to make sure all the ceilings are as close to mark and dust free as possible – remember you won’t achieve perfection, so don’t kill yourself over that microscopic spot.


Then pop into the kitchen, turn the kettle on and make yourself a cuppa. YOU have just accomplished a small thing but in EVERY room, Congratulations!!!!


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