How to clean your oven without suffocating

How to clean your oven without suffocating

Oven cleaners are by far one of the most dangerous! Take one smell & you could be gasping for air.

Plus, you end up getting 1-2 uses out of one expensive purchase. I'm going to guide you through the best way to clean your oven using some heavy duty yet all natural solutions.


1) Pre-heat your oven 

Turn your oven up high for 5-10 minutes, enough to make it warm but not too hot! This will by nature 'melt' the grease making it a bit easier to remove. Just make sure you turn the oven OFF before cleaning & that is not too hot to touch.


2) Soak your oven racks

Pull out all the oven racks & soak them in the hottest water possible. Use approx. 1-2 tablespoons of Crystal Clear Percarbonate per 5L of water. Let this sit for as long as possible & you will see the grease & grime lift away by itself. What does not come of needs only a gentle scrub with steel wool or an eco-friendly scrub pad.



3) Apply Cleaning Paste

If you are smart you will have a big batch of 'Laundry Butter' Cleaning Paste made & ready to use for all sorts of cleaning jobs just like this. Then you only need to whip out a tablespoon or two & supercharge it with some Crystal Clear Percarbonate, boiling water & essential oils for an amazing oven paste.

You may wish to dilute your cleaning paste so it’s a bit easier to apply, but essentially you smear the paste over the greasy parts you wish to clean. Let it sit for a minute & then scrub with steel wool or a Safix Scrub Pad. 


4) Spray & Wipe

Ok, so you don't HAVE to spray, you could simply wipe down the oven down with a warm clean rag. BUT if you do have our Multi-Purpose Spray (made with Castile Soap, water & essential oils) you can use that to assist with the clean. 

Either way, this is the part where you say goodbye to the grease & grime in the oven.


5) Re-heat oven

Heat up the oven again for up for 10-15 minutes to evaporate any left-over water, but take care there is no residual paste! That's it, oven cleaning without the deadly fumes & a few homemade, natural solutions.


And there you have it, a clean oven without suffocating!


P.S Since this post was written another oven cleaning hack came to life! Check out the scrub tablet recipe for yet another green option

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