How we pack our parcels

How we pack our parcels

So, I’ve done a lot of packing today and thought it was worth while sharing with you how I go about transporting my beautiful amber glassware, often filled the brim with ingredients!!

I try my best to be resourceful and reuse anything I get from my suppliers. Good news is, i don’t receive a a huge amount of plastic as it’s mostly boxed in cardboard. However, the Apothecary Jars do come in individual bubble wrap. Although I voiced my concern, not much will change here soon! So, I reuse it to package that glassware that is filled to the brim with ingredients.
All other glassware is wrapped in paper bubble wrap (pictured) which can be reused, recycled or re-purposed!!

I also need to make sure everything is super tight in the box, so I must fill gaps and make sure it does not rattle!!!! Again, I use tissue paper, cardboard, wood wool or Bio fill packing peanuts (look like polystyrene balls but are in fact made from rice and just melt away when wet)

It will come in a cardboard box (salvaged where possible). I try use paper sticky tape, but that stuff is just ridiculous expensive, comes wrapped in plastic itself and still has glue attached, so wondering how “eco-friendly” it is anyway. This aspect I’m working on but can’t avoid every time. Sorry!

The shipping labels is another aspect I am working on - have had to resort to sticky tape a lot there and it kills me. But if that label comes off, it’s goodbye parcel!!

So, I just wanted to share with you the challenges of just “sending a parcel” and keeping to your zero waste beliefs.


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