Why you need Castile & Coconut Soap

Why you need Castile & Coconut Soap

When it comes to creating a cleaner, greener home, sometimes the simplest solutions are the most powerful.

Let's uncover the five compelling reasons why pure soap – a versatile and eco-friendly gem that deserves a prime spot in your DIY green cleaning toolkit.


Natural Surfactant Magic

At the heart of any effective cleaning agent lies its ability to break down grease and grime. Pure soap is a natural surfactant, which means it excels at this vital task. Its molecular structure acts like a bridge between water and oils, effortlessly lifting away dirt and leaving surfaces shining.


The Soap vs. Detergent Distinction

While we often use "soap" and "detergent" interchangeably, they're not quite the same. Soap is crafted through a traditional process of mixing fats or oils with an alkali, while detergents involve synthetic compounds. Opting for pure soap means choosing a gentler, more natural option that's free from synthetic additives found in detergents.


The Timeless Green Champion

Pure soap has stood the test of time – a testament to its reliability and effectiveness. With a history stretching back through generations, it's a tried-and-true solution that's been trusted for its cleaning prowess.



Need a degreaser for your stovetop? Or perhaps a gentle cleaner for your little one's highchair? Look no further than pure soap. Its versatile nature makes it suitable for various surfaces, making cleaning a breeze.


Eco-Friendly by Nature

Choosing pure soap aligns with your commitment to eco-conscious living. Its production involves fewer chemicals and has a smaller environmental footprint compared to conventional cleaners. Plus, its biodegradable nature ensures it breaks down harmlessly, reducing its impact on our planet.



Beyond these top reasons, pure soap is a budget-friendly solution that leaves behind a fresh, clean scent – no overpowering artificial fragrances needed.

Adding pure soap to your DIY green cleaning toolkit isn't just about cleaning; it's about making a mindful choice for your home and the environment. By harnessing the power of this simple yet mighty solution, you're not only cleaning your surfaces but also taking a step toward a greener, healthier future.


At Under Your Sink, we offer two beautiful pure soaps for your handmade beauty and cleaning products. Grab some LIQUID CASTILE SOAP and ORGANIC COCONUT SOAP FLAKES here in our green cleaning supplies collection.

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