Why you need Crystal Clear Percarbonate

Why you need Crystal Clear Percarbonate

In the realm of green cleaning, percarbonate stands out as a powerhouse ingredient! In this edition, we delve into the reasons why this unassuming compound should earn a place in your eco-friendly cleaning toolkit.


What is sodium percarbonate?

Percarbonate is the pure, active ingredient found in popular stain removers (like Napisan) and is essentially a bleach. But a good bleach, unlike the nasty smelly chlorine variety! Made from washing soda and hydrogen peroxide, this powerhouse ingredient is a hospital-grade disinfectant and widely used in commercial cleaning products. Sodium percarbonate is a white, crystalline and when it meets water, it releases oxygen and becomes a potent stain remover, disinfectant, and brightener. 


Science backed stain remover

Sodium percarbonate's secret weapon is its ability to release oxygen when it meets water. This oxygen release breaks down stains by breaking their chemical bonds, making it an effective stain remover for a wide range of materials.


It brightens whites

Beyond stain removal, sodium percarbonate boasts impressive brightening capabilities. Its oxygen-releasing action helps to break down organic compounds that cause fabric discoloration, leading to whiter and brighter textiles.


It disinfects

Disinfection is another area where sodium percarbonate shines. As it releases oxygen, it creates an environment hostile to harmful microorganisms. While it may not match the potency of harsh chemicals, it provides a natural way to sanitize surfaces without the residue and fumes.


Versatile ingredient

From DIY laundry wash to dishwasher power, Crystal Clear Percarbonate is a star performer in a multitude of cleaning recipes. Its adaptability is an asset in crafting a wide array of homemade cleaning solutions.



Adding Crystal Clear Percarbonate to your DIY toolkit offers budget-friendly benefits. It's a cost-effective alternative to commercial cleaning products.


Empowers through DIY

Incorporating Crystal Clear Percarbonate into your cleaning routine empowers you to take control of the ingredients you use in your home. You can craft personalised, effective, and safe cleaning solutions tailored to your needs.


Reduces Chemical Exposure

Using Crystal Clear Percarbonate allows you to minimize exposure to harsh chemicals commonly found in commercial cleaners. This is especially valuable if you prioritise a healthier living environment.


It's eco-friendly

One of the standout features of sodium percarbonate is its eco-friendliness. When it breaks down, it decomposes into water, oxygen, and washing soda – leaving behind no harmful chemicals or residues. This decomposition process aligns well with green cleaning principles and ensures minimal impact on the environment.


Safety and Usage

While sodium percarbonate is generally safe, proper handling is essential. It's advised to wear gloves and avoid direct contact with eyes. Additionally, always store it in a dry place to prevent clumping.


You can purchase pure CRYSTAL CLEAR PERCARBONATE here, delivered Australia wide in plastic free packaging. 

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