Why you need Borax

Why you need Borax

Borax deserves a place in your DIY toolkit for several compelling reasons:


It’s Effective

Borax's alkaline nature makes it a potent cleaning agent that breaks down dirt, grease, and stains, ensuring thorough and efficient cleaning.


Enhances the Laundry

Adding borax to your laundry routine boosts the performance of detergents by softening water, aiding in stain removal, and keeping clothes vibrant.


Regulates pH

As a pH buffer, borax stabilises the pH levels of DIY cleaning solutions, ensuring optimal cleaning power and preserving the integrity of surfaces.


Natural pest control solution

Borax serves as a natural insecticide, disrupting pests' exoskeletons and providing an eco-friendly way to keep unwanted insects at bay.



By incorporating borax into your cleaning arsenal, you reduce the need for multiple specialised products, saving both money and storage space.


Versatile Ingredient

From all-purpose cleaners to laundry detergents and even homemade slime, borax is versatile, allowing you to create a wide range of DIY solutions.


Eco-Friendly Choice

Compared to certain synthetic chemicals, borax is considered more environmentally friendly, aligning with your commitment to greener living.


Incorporating borax into your DIY toolkit isn't just about practicality—it's a powerful step towards creating a healthier home, fostering sustainability, and embracing the beauty of natural cleaning solutions.


You can purchase pure BORAX here, delivered Australia wide in plastic free packaging. 


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