How to use Citric Acid for cleaning

How to use Citric Acid for cleaning

Unveil the cleaning power of citric acid, from banishing limescale to revitalising surfaces, discover how to utilize citric acid for natural cleaning solutions that shine without the harsh chemicals.


Limescale Dissolver

Tackling stubborn limescale build up on faucets, showerheads, and appliances becomes a breeze with citric acid. Craft a simple paste or spray by mixing citric acid with water, then apply it to affected areas. Let it work its magic, breaking down the minerals for effortless removal.


Fabric Softener

Revive stained fabrics by adding a tablespoon of citric acid to your laundry rinse. Its natural acidity neutralises any remaining soap scum or detergent which cause stiffness in fabrics.


Bath & Glass Cleaner

Craft a spray by dissolving citric acid in warm water.  Spray, wipe, and enjoy sparkling results without the overpowering scent of vinegar.


Descaling Appliances

From coffee makers to kettles, citric acid shines in descaling appliances. Create a solution of citric acid and water, run it through the appliance's cycle, and watch as it eliminates mineral build-up, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.


Toilet Bowl Refresher

Bid adieu to toilet bowl stains with a fizzy citric acid solution. Sprinkle citric acid around the bowl, add a bit of water, and let it effervesce. Scrub away stains with ease, leaving your toilet clean and fresh. You may like to try our toilet bomb recipe or toilet cleaning gel recipe



By incorporating citric acid into your natural cleaning solutions, you not only ensure a healthier environment but also experience the satisfaction of achieving sparkling results without compromising on effectiveness.


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